Aries Man & S*x

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2016)

Aries Man & S*x

For Aries men, s*x is very important. They can not live for long without it. Their relationships usually start very early. They rarely carefully choose their sexual partner, but it is true that they gain so much experience from a quite early age. At the beginning of any relationship he is very passionate and fiery, but he later gradually settles his passion and sometimes attains a routine practice in s*x which might be tedious and boring for his partner.

Aries is an adventurous, passionate hunter! He likes to make risky s*x and he has a strong and violent sexuality. He can light fires in the air and he has the most amazing ideas.  He gives it all and he wants it all. He is not very loyal. He seeks for original experiences, sensual, often with older women and Aries women with younger men or the opposite. Aries knows the strategy to succumb to his charm. He has no taboos and he enjoys challenging the situations. He is bold and takes chances. He likes to have s*x in the most unlikely places experiencing strange postures. He does not confuse s*x with relationship. For him, s*x is a workhorse. He likes to show his abilities and havingthe last word. But, he is romantic and sentimental.

aries-s*xSearching for wild passion and love, he lives his life to the fullest. Tensions and quarrels are aphrodisiac to him. He is zealous and sometimes he can become a m*******t. He is a champion in s*x and each time is even better than the previous one. Love wants imagination and creativity. If you want to stay with him, you must fulfill all his sexual needs. He is wacky, he likes to speak by vulgar words. He likes kisses on his neck, ears! Massage to the hair, excites him. He loves s*x show. He is quick at all! He wants to date the woman who met two hours ago! Do not go after him because he feels that he loses his identity and  his interest. He sometimes  has catastrophic instincts.

If he does the same things on s*x, he constantly loses his imagination. Ii is quite difficult for him to match with a partner who seeks sensitivity simply because he cannot understand what his partner wants. So if you are in this position, you must find a discreet way to guide him and to indicate what you want. But beware! Aries dislikes suggestions and comments, so it would be good to be quite careful.

Sometimes, some Aries likes threesomes, p**n movies and group s*x. But these are rare cases and they are always willing to follow your suggestions!

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