Cancer Man & S*x

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2016)

Cancer Man & S*x

The man who is born under the sign of Cancer is romantic but quite moody. He can be terribly demanding from his partner and in the next minute, he can loose his interest. In general, these kind of men is quite polite and considerate lovers. He will always be interested in the needs of his partner and his priority would be to satisfy her. They don’t usually like one night stands. They are almost always looking for the woman in their life where they will dedicate themselves to her. So, Cancer man is usually rather shy at the beginning of every relationship. He may take his time to decide to speak to his partner, but also to go with her to bed. He likes it when his partner loves the secure of the family.

cancer-s*xGenerally, he does not like the behavior of a very liberal woman or extreme sexual situations. If you want to charm a Cancer man, do not be vulgar in your movements and do not use hard sexual words in your speech. He is cautious and conservative till he understands what his partner wants. But he is certainly the preliminary teacher and he knows everything about the female anatomy. It is very hard to find a Cancer  man who does not know how to satisfy you, because of ignorance.

Cancer is emotional and loving. He likes s*x and he doesn’t use his hands too much. He has many erotic  fantasies, especially with his ex-lovers, where all his senses are stimulated. He likes s*x at home, but also romantic ones which include full of passion. Make the start and  let him take the reins. The longer you are together, your satisfaction will be increased.

Kisses, erotic confessions, compliments, and hugs excite him. He likes s*x in water and he wants to feel comfortable. He makes everything in order to satisfy his partner. He  makes better s*x in the dark. Invite him for a meal in your home. After a good meal, he makes better s*x!  Do not cheat on him because he gets jealous and he can easily be hurt…

Cancer men have variations in their sexual behavior according to the phases of the Moon. Generally, Cancers  are induced by large breasts and maybe everything related to the female breasts is their only peculiarity in s*x. There’re a minority male Cancers,  who are stimulated sexually by commands and humiliations. This is an extreme situation, but the dark side of the moon touches  some individuals of this sign. Finally, tenderness and discretion are the strongest things of them.

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