Capricorn Infidelity

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

Capricorn Infidelity

People who were born under the sign of Capricorn are distant partners. But in reality, this is their defense. It is an attempt to compensate for their innate, desperate need for love and affection and to
camouflage their fear that they will never find their other half. The family for those insecure people is very important to them.Capricorn is strict, conservative and vindictive. If you cheat, he will separate you for sure. He is stable and reliable and he would hardly cheat on you, he prefers to oppress and if he cannot manage, he will keep this relationship as a secret. He maybe uses a new relationship to end his marriage. He looks for passion, even if he does not have it. He never becomes the third person in a relationship because it has no prospects and development. He difficulty gets drift away but if this happens, he loses totally his control.

capricorn-infidelityIt will not last long, he will put his logic above all and he will take his decisions. He prefers parallel relations rather fleeting adventures. If he finds a woman with better economic status, social status, and appearance, he will make a relationship with her. He is considered as suspicious if he stops working and starts to groom himself often. He can cheat and you will not realize it. He seeks romance and passion in the extramarital affair. If he finds it, he will break up his long-term relationship. Once you are with a Capricorn, you will discover a very good husband. He  is one of the most successful husbands and he has large stocks emotions and sexual energy. Make sure that you are consistent in all family obligations and your fellow man, will never cheat on you!

Capricorn woman wants loyalty, respect, emotional and physical security. They are complainers and they like to vindicate. If her marriage does not offer those, she will look for them outside of the relationship. If she finds them, she will split. She makes extramarital relations only with perspective. She is disciplined and organized. Her priority is the career and then comes love, respect, where there is no way to cheat on you unless her job is related to flirting or a hidden love.

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