Gemini man has a strange and difficult attitude in sexual issues. It is often surprising how easily can separate the sexual relationship from the deep love in his mind. This man is not particularly sentimental, so he really enjoys s*x, since it is required and offers no sense,He is not combining these two together! He is available for relationships of one night and he has no trouble to cheat on his partner! Not only her, but his other wife who may have somewhere and his mistress or his other, other….. wife!

Gemini man & s*x

Gemini man & s*x

All kind of sexual threesomes and group s*x are welcomed because he considers them as new experiences. Normal and classic s*x is somehow boring for him. Sexual activity exists firstly in the mind of Gemini!  When his mind is blocked for any reason, he can not function sexually. He has too many erotic fantasies, stimulated by sexual images and stories. If you are a classical and a traditional woman, you better look for someone else! He can try and experiment with anything, just to gain experience and to satisfy his curiosity He sometimes requires his partner to follow him and to succumb. He can certainly amaze you and you will not get  bored from his endless and excessive imagination.

He does not want rushing s*x without atmosphere. He, also wants to have a view in everything on his partner during s*x. Touch him with your hands all over his body by using your imagination. He loves the spiritual dimension of sexuality. He likes to acquire experiences and when he targets to someone, he certainly wins! He likes when his partner is a partner and a girlfriend. He’s free and unfaithful, he can make s*x everywhere. s*x makes the mood! That is one of his characteristic phrases! He can buy books about love and some of them do not hesitate to become gay just for the experience. They get attracted by sensual women and p**n magazines. His tastes are unpredictable and the resistance arouses him! He remains forever young!

Many Geminis men are known for their homosexual, group, m*******t or bisexual sexual tenses.

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