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Leos enjoy their wedding to the fullest by doing everything is being needed for the pleasure of their partner. So whether you are man or woman, Leo could not wait for their marriage until he has enough money on his hand so that he can make all the preparations that he wants – the church ceremony, the guests, and the honeymoon. After marriage, Leos will be devoted all the time and make an effort to maintain their marriage in which they want to have an emotional fulfillment. Leos women encourage their husbands to follow their ambitions and dreams.

However, in this way, Leo can himself impose decisions to his partner and he can still be get reached the edges. And most importantly, if they are criticized by their partner, then they do not listen. Over their enthusiasm for their relationship, they try to do their best but they are ignoring the needs of their partner.

leo-marriageBut if the other becomes assertive then Leos go with their grain and they may not realize that this is not good for their relationship. In a relationship, the most important are to take decisions together and  be in a  balance. To make this done, Leo should think about the things that their partner wants more when they are doing something for them, and  reciprocate the same things when their partner does something for them.

Under conditions of peace and security,  Leo woman is magnanimous, generous and courageous. She is a rock  for her children and  puts above all  her partner. With her children, she has a deep connection and  love and she can die for them. She stresses melodramatically at the first opportunity that devotes all her time to grow up and do everything for them. Essentially, she is an unsuitable person to put her children under control and order, ignoring their real needs, forcing them to live her alone. Mother Leo is exemplary, only if she has help and servants. Otherwise, she considers children too heavy duty and a very heavy burden on her own merits. It is too heavy for her and she clearly needs a fairly strong and stable in character partner.

Leos never forget their childhood and what it means to be a child, and  they want to be treated  like children in their marriage. But, sometimes, Leos do not treat children like children. They treat them with respect, and in their own way, gaining the respect of their children. They do not do “baby talk” when they want to express their love but they have to be  careful not to treat them authoritarian.

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