Libra Man & S*x

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2016)

Libra Man & S*x

S*x for a Libra man is an essential element for his life, because he is in love with it. But, he is addicted to it mostly in  the brain and not physically. Love for a Libra man is sensuality, flirting, preparation in the mind, environment, music, romance and of course at the end, s*x. This man does not like vulgar movements and extremely behaviors. Everything must be done with discretion and tact. He is available for s*x challenges that he never did before but he will never force you to do something you do not want. If you do not agree, he will respect your opinion.

There is a case that he will do with another partner things you do not want to do in s*x, but this is always in the program! He usually does not say no to love challenges, since every woman has something that the other woman has not. Love for Libras is a romantic relationship of the brain, which pervades them with feelings of love, tender, and mental union. He will give to you all of his heart in the relationship, but remember that he needs to be rewarded by you.

Libra confuses love with s*x. He’s very erotic and  he can make hours of foreplay. He likes nice words, nice atmosphere, nice body, curves and lacy lingerie. He’s sensual, he likes trying things and  he hates vulgar and extreme scenes. He’s romantic, respects each other needs and certainly send his partner to the seventh heaven. He knows how to excite the senses, he gives more than he gets. He has a big heart and a very little selfishness. He is a good husband. He is gentle and he often hides truths from his partner because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He has good manners and hates rudeness. He has many sexual fantasies and wants to make them true.


He prefers quality. He wants s*x with emotion and sensuality. He can be comforted to all the situations. He can be possessive and demanding and sometimes  a  voyeurism. He likes preliminary and cuddles. In bed, he likes to obey orders. He likes to think that you’re the master of the game. He talks about his sexual needs. He likes to make love in strange places. He prefers the relaxed s*x. He likes cuddles at the back or neck and if you do it well, he is going to love you! If you neglect him, he may cheat on you to get himself affirmation. You have to win him and challenge him with a smart way, otherwise, the game has been lost.

He will never leave you unsatisfied and he will always be available as long as he is calmed and relaxed. Libras need peace and relaxation to feel sexually capable because the body responds only when the mind is unaffected by everyday stress. He will treat you as a queen,  but remember to encourage him!

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