Libra people are manifold. They are not easy people. It is often arduous task to understand them. It is quite possible to get the difficult decision to marry, as it is certainly hard to stay loyal to all of his life. First, he must ensure a good first home, an alpha financial situation and certainty his  partner must offer him a life, aesthetics and sexual satisfaction.


Libra is a diplomat, polite and he wants confirmation. He is indecisive and it is difficult to open ephemeral experiences unless he feels lonely. He likes flirting and he is asking for  an attractive and balanced relationship. He will cheat if he has no emotions or if he has dilemmas of the path of  his marriage and he has the need to feel seduced. He doesn’t want to be pitched. If he falls in love he does not count anything and he is changing his tastes. He perpetuates  the situations. He becomes the third person in a relationship and he often is the victim. He easily finds solace in a new lap. He knows how to keep a balance between the two relationships. But he does not like the half-hear ted situations that pose dilemmas. If  a parallel relationship exposes,he  comes in a very difficult position because he does not like criticism. He does not like love troubles and he does not want to hurt anyone. He is scared of the revelations. He doesn’t easily spoil his wedding for a new partner.

Libra woman wants harmony, beauty, love. If  those  do not exist in her marriage, she is unhappy and she is looking elsewhere. When she finds what she needs, she goes into dilemmas about whether to remain in the marriage. She tries to take decisions with the smaller emotional losses.

Because their interests are many and different, it is hard to find partner to be able to his offer. The partner should understand the need for “diversity” at all levels. This will only manage to have a good, attentive, charming and fun husband. Do not try to master their erotic curiosity because they will feel trapped and they leave.

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