Sagittarians are not very good wives or husbands, at least according to the weights and measures which are commonly used by women. The hunter would go hunting and will despise the restrictions and prohibitions. The same thing will be donefrom a Sagittarius,the irresistibly desire for new adventures and experiences.


Sagittarius is adventurous, liberal, outward-looking and he do not love the side method. He knows to lie and he does not cling to a relationship. He looks for new experiences and he dislike rules. He is attracted by weird emotional states. He wants to conquer goals and not to get  involved in relationships of others. He explores the prospects and if the marriage has reached its margins he would reconsider. Maybe a third person is the solution. He overcomes the scruples and he can get comitted in a hidden relationship which has much passion. The silence and the verbiage are suspicious. He often falls in love with other women into the marriage but he does not make long-term relationships. He likes cool and interesting women who do not talk about their everyday problems. In a little while, these women will be betrayed like his wife!

If their partner nag, are overly protective or if they want to have him in their hand ,only then  Sagittarius will despair and be upset, so he will leave bu himself the house. Conversely, if you show him your admiration and careness, without complaining and moaning-and apply  diplomatic ways to express your need to share things with him, you conquer him for sure and he will prove a highly and satisfactory partner.

The extramarital relations with a Sagittarius woman is dangerous. He does not get bounded and she has escape tendencies. Do not try to commit her. Once she made this mistake!

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