Sagittarius Infidelity

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

Sagittarius Infidelity

Sagittarians are not considered as very good wives or husbands, at least according to the weights and measures which are commonly used by women. The hunter would go hunting and he will despise the restrictions and prohibitions. The same thing will be done from a Sagittarius, they have an irresistible desire for new adventures and experiences. Sagittarius is adventurous, liberal and outward-looking. He knows how to lie and he does not cling to a relationship. He looks for new experiences and he dislikes rules.

He is attracted by weird emotional states. He wants to achieve his goals. He explores the prospects and if the marriage has reached its margins, he would reconsider. Maybe a third person is a solution. He overcomes the scruples and he can get committed in a hidden relationship which has a lot of passion. His silence and  verbiage are suspicious. He often falls in love with other women into the marriage but he does not make long-term relationships. He likes cool and interesting women who do not talk about their everyday problems. In a little while, these women will be betrayed like his wife! If you show them true love, devotion and you do not ask so many questions, he will never cheat on you.

sagittarius-infidelityIf their partner nags, are overly protective or if they want to have him in their hand ,only then Sagittarius will get upset and leave. Conversely, if you show him your admiration and care ness, without complaining and moaning and apply your diplomatic ways, you will have next to you a highly  satisfactory partner.

Never dare to demand something from a Sagittarius woman. However, if you want something from her ask her with tact and kindness. They will reward you with faithfulness only if you are polite and affectionate towards her. Extramarital relations with a Sagittarius woman are dangerous. She does not get easily attached to it. She hates feeling pressure.

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