Scorpio Man & S*x

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2016)

Scorpio Man & S*x

Scorpio man is a volcano. Do not play with him in bed! If you are what he wants and he will be the only one that knows it, you  will have a man yours forever. If you’re not, you’ll temporarily or completely possible share him with at least two or three partners. Scorpios love s*x with  power. They want to control every part of your body but also your mind. S*x commands from him should be acceptable for you! You simply obey. They like practices with the complete subordination of the female body and if you resist too much, they will not hesitate to take you with them!

In the relationship can allow you to analyze issues of high spiritual value, but when you get to  s*x, everything is primitive! Generally, s*x is pretty violent and they want instant gratification. When everything is quiet and romantic, he will grab you and drag you violently to bed. The earthly and completely minimalistic instinct  of a Scorpio man will come up, he will make you forget your tact and discretion and you will be surrendered to him.


Scorpio is sensitive and he is often emotionally involved in s*x. He is modest and he needs confidence. If he overcomes his  reticence, he can make his wild fantasies come true. He is expressed by eyes and touch and he does not like talking during s*x. He hides tension and mystery. He does not consider sensuality and passion only in the sexual act. He likes foreplay and every kind of s*x except boring s*x. He has no boundaries and taboos. He has fantasies that want to practice them. He is impulsive and passionate, loyal and trustworthy. He knows the techniques of lovemaking. He can feel and sense what his partner wants.

They are possessive and they also hide their feelings. They show themselves slowly to their partner. Scorpio looks calm and sometimes outlandish but in bed, he is the perfect lover. Love and desire are important to him. He explores the dark areas of sexuality, the depths of your soul. He likes to experiment and knows how to send you to the seventh heaven. S*x gives energy to him while routine kills him. He is attractive, he fascinates his partner, and loves beautiful smells. He wants to feel that you belong to him entirely. If you flirt with another partner, you’ve lost him. Involved in love affairs, often frivolous.

His sadomasochist tenses are on! He likes kinky underwear and body oils, especially with flavors. He likes to bite, lick, cuddly on his thighs and oral s*x. His erogenous zone is his genitals.

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