Taurus man is considered as one of the most sexual people of the zodiac circle,  he is always seeing  s*x under the light of the materialistic content. So, when, Taurus, decides to seduce you, he will want to invite you to a romantic dinner with quality, style and taste. He will create the appropriate atmosphere for him, in which he will feel familiar and convenient to suggest a relationship. Do not forget that Taurus man is a little bit shy with women and especially beautiful and unknown.

After eating and drinking enough to saturate these desires, then he moves on his next need, s*x. But beware, despite the importance that he attaches to the practical side of s*x, you should keep some quality and character, so you can get well with him.Taurus man will not leave room for your relationship with him if he understands how provocative and vulgar you are. He wants his wife to be pure and to have an innocent behavior. Keep a very serious attitude and graceful at least in your first appointment with him to create a mysterious and charming veil. Let him dream and imagine, but be aware that the relationship will become serious only if he proceeds to have s*x with you. Then, he will feel good and comfortable to make another suggestion to you. So,when you get to this point you will be surprised by the power, the passion, strength and the perseverance he has to satisfy you. He pays importance on the foreplay and  he likes to satisfy his partner. Do not wait however long nights with passionate s*x.

Taurus man is very easy to be satisfied. He has not got strange demands nor expects from you extreme passions and abnormal or excessive behaviors. He is often normal to boredom and classical. He is not available for changes, new attitudes and ideas. It is quite difficult for him to adapt to new data that does not satisfy him, so he doesn’t even try it. His appetite for experimentation in sexual games is not much and if you ask him for something new in s*x, he will assume that it may not be right thing for him. But, he believes that your satisfaction is above all and since he gives it to you, there is no need to offer you anything else in s*x.

Taurus man & s*x
Taurus man & s*x

Taurus is sensual, articulate, lovable, and calm. He is romantic and he looks for quality. He let himself feel more free in bed and participates with all his five senses.  He gives and gets pleasure, respects each others needs and he wants feeling in s*x. He has patience and tries to excite his partner in every way. The sensual pleasure with him is certain.  He doesn’t like unfaithful women and requires from you to be faithful and he will make to you all of your favors.  He loves the beautiful smells of the body and s*x in nature. He is not weird in s*x.

He starts slowly in s*x while he hides his burning sexuality. The bold and sensuous lingerie, massage with essential oils, massaging the back and neck, tender words in his ear during the operation, the touches and oral s*x  gets them crazy. He can make endless s*x for hours and he is quite tender. He doesn’t usually make one night stands. He prefers s*x after a romantic dinner.

He is one of the few signs that does not express verbally not only in s*x  but also in other areas in his relationship. It is very difficult to find a Taurus who externalize what he feels into words, even to people he knows and loves. This is a common characteristic in Earth signs, because they prefer to make actions than loosing their time into talking.

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